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Perspective view of the old synagogue in Klimontow. Poland

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Published: 07/08/2010
Category: Synagogues Viewed: 1110 Downloads: 0 Keywords antique arcade architecture building church column culture europe facade faith god heritage historic jewish judaism Klimontow landmark old outdoor pillar place Poland polish religion roof sanctuary sky spiritual synagogue window Description: Klimontów was a shtetl in Poland. Shtetls were small towns with large Jewish populations in Central and Eastern Europe until The Holocaust.

It is a possibility that Jews had been residing in Klimontów as early as the 16th century, in spite of the fact that official sources report that they initially settled there in 1604. The Jews of Klimontów established an organized community and built a wooden synagogue.

The synagogue on this photo, was built in 1851 on the same location as where the old wooden synagogue used to stand.