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About Stock Images

What are stock images?
Stock images is existing images (photos or illustrations) available for clients to choose from - as opposed to assignment images, which is custom made upon clients' demands.

What does 'royalty-free images' mean?
Royalty-Free (RF) means that you pay the fees on a 'per image' basis. Once a client has paid the fees, he can print that image as many times as he wants without paying additional fees. As opposed to Rights-Managed (RM) where clients pay fees depending upon the number of copies, audience, how large the image will be printed, etc. Kosherstock is a collection of royalty-free images.

Signing Up

Does it cost something to sign up to your website?
No. Signing up is absolutely free. You will have to pay only if you decide to purchase download credits. Signing up is also free for image contributors.

I signed up to your site, Why can't I log in?
After the sign up process you should receive an e-mail from us with an account activation link. By clicking on the link or copy pasting it to your browser you can activate your account and log in.
Note that in order to log in to you must make sure your Internet browser's options are set to accept Cookies.

Once I have signed up can I change my username and password? Can I update my profile?
You cannot change your username after signup. However you can change your password and edit your details by logging in and visiting your "My Account" page.

Privacy and Copyright

How is personal and other confidential information treated on
We are committed to keeping our members' personal information secure and will not share it with third parties except as required by law.

How does deal with copyright issues?
Our website is fully compliant with Digital Millenium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512. Should you have any questions regarding copyright violations, please contact our DMCA Agent at

Buying Images

Please take note that 'buying an image' means being granted a license to use that image. Image copyright remains the property of it's author.

Who buys images?
Stock image buyers are newspapers, magazines and book publishers, advertising agencies, design agencies as well as freelance graphic designers, web designers, webmasters, television & film producers, CD/DVD ROM manufacturers, government, communities, organizations, businesses,... who use stock images to produce printed items (brochures, greeting cards, books, t-shirts,...) as well as electronic publications (corporate websites, blogs, slideshow presententions, CD ROM,...)

Your images are watermarked with the words 'kosherstock images'!
The images you download have no watermark.

What is the price of an image? What are credits?
Images can be downloaded using so called download credits. One credit costs from $0.80 to $1.50 depending on how many you purchase at a time. Standard licensed Images cost from 3 to 15 credits depending on their resolution. Purchased credits can be used whenever you like, they have no expiration date.

What are the payment options?
Payments are processed via the secure PayPal® and MoneyBookers® websites. You can pay using VISA®, MasteCard®, Amercian Express®. If you have a PayPal or MoneyBookers account you can also pay using your account balance.

My credit card was declined!
We are very sorry, but since we do not process payments ourselves, we cannot help.

I purchased credits via PayPal. My account at kosherstock was not credited!
When credits are purchased through PayPal, kosherstock relies on PayPal to tell us about the purchase. Sometimes there is a delay in this communication. As soon as kosherstock learns about your purchase, your credit balance will increase. Credit card payments are instant. However, if you use the so called e-check payment method on Paypal, it may take several days till the payment arrives to our account. If you need download credits urgently please choose a different method.

What is your refund policy?
In accordance with our Terms of Use you can ask for a refund of your unused credits within one week from date of purchase. One week after date of purchase your credits will not be refundable. Since you may view the actual image and the image size information, we regret that we cannot provide refunds on used credits.

Why aren't the photos 300DPI?
The DPI of a photo doesn't make any sense on screen. An image can be any DPI. What matters is the PIXEL SIZE. This will determine it's final size at a certain DPI. If you change the DPI, the printing size will change. You can change the DPI in your image processing software using the"Image Size" feature and you will instantly see the proper printing size.

What can I use the images for?
Please read our Image License Agreement for permitted and prohibited image uses.

Can I use an image marked "Editorial" in a Commercial publication?
Some images are marked "Editorial" because they have identifiable people faces or brands. If you crop or paint out those faces or brands you can use the images in Commercial publications.

Can I use an image marked "Commercial" in an Editorial publication?.
Yes, images marked "Commercial" are suitable for both Commercial and Editorial Use.

Can I use my BUYER account to sell images?
Using your Buyer account you can not sell images. You need to sign up for a Seller account. You can have more than one account however each account should have a unique username and email address.

How can I terminate my account?
Please send an email to with your request.

Selling Images

Who can contribute and sell images on Can I sell my images through your site?
You don't have to be a professional photographer or illustrator in order to license your work on this site. If you can create nice looking images that meet our quality standards, we do not make any difference whether you are a professional, amateur or beginner artist. Anyone can submit images to us. Read more about it in How to Sell your Photos.

Does it cost something to upload images to your site?
No. kosherstock does not charge membership fees.

How much money can I earn from kosherstock?
You earn $0.50US for each credit spent by a user downloading your images. Depending on the image resolution (Small, Medium or Large) and the type of license (Standard or Extended) a client purchases, you earn from $1.50 to $75 per download.

How do I get paid?
Payments are issued monthly, on the 10th day of each month. Payments have to be requested by you when your balance reaches 50 credits or more. Payments will be sent to your Paypal or MoneyBookers account. Please read our Seller Interface Guide for details.

How long does it take to get my images approved?
Usually it takes a day or two, depending on the amount of images in the queue. We have to go through them carefully to ensure high quality.

Why did you reject my images?
In most cases images get rejected because they are either too blurry or too noisy, because our customers would not be interested in such images or because we already have too many of very similar images. Please read our Submission Guidelines.

What is a model release?
A model release is a signed legal document from your subjects giving you permission to use and sell their photos.

How can I link more than one model release to a photo?
Create a .zip archive containing the model releases, add it as a new model release with the persons names as the title (e.g.: 'Mike and Debbie'). Link your photo to the 'Mike and Debbie' release.

What is a property release?
A property release is a signed legal document from the owner/designer/artist of a special property/artwork giving you permission to use and sell the photos you have taken of their property/artwork.

What are editorial images?
Editorial images are images used in an editorial context. They differ from commercial images because they do not require a model/property-release and they can depict logos/trademarks. These images may only be used in an editorial manner, relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest, and may not be used for any commercial, promotional, advertising or merchandising use.

Can I file an image in more than one category?
Yes. An image can be filed in up to three caregories.

What if I want to upload an image that I feel does not fit into any of your categories?
Please upload this image into the 'Uncategorized' category. We may choose the most appropriate category or we may create a new one. If you want to suggest a new category for this image, please do so in the 'description' field.

What language should I use for title, description and keywords?
Title, description and keywords must be in English.

Can I use my Seller account to buy images?
Using your Seller account you can not buy images. Sign up for a Buyer account. You will have to use a different username and email address.

How can I close my account?
Please send an email to with your request. Your images will be removed within 48 hours. If you decide to re-open your account later you will have to reupload your images. Your commission earnings will be paid to you within thirty (30) days after termination.