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Kosherstock Community

As well as a stock photo agency, kosherstock is a community of photographers and designers focusing on images pertaining to the Jewish culture and religion. As a registered user you are welcome to freely use these community tools:


Your personal blog is ready for you to post articles as soon as you log in.

To post articles go to My Account>Blog.
Enter a Title and the Content of your new post.
You may use an image to illustrate your article.
If you created categories choose to which category this post belongs.
Choose whether this post is Pending (so you can continue writting later) or Publish it right away.
Choose whether you allow or disallow other members to comment this post.
Click the Add button.

If you wish your blog to be listed in our blog directory, Send an email to with a short description and it's URL. As pages are indexed in the major search engines, your blog will be accessible not only by kosherstock members but also by any individual via search engines results pages.

To read other members' blogs, browse the kosherstock blog directory.
Or when viewing a photo, click on the member's username under File Details. This will take you to the member's page. Click on the Blog tab to read his/her blog if any. In order to memorize this member and his/her blog click Add to Friends. This member will appear in your My Account>Friends section so you can easily come back for further reading.
When viewing a blog you can also subscribe to it's RSS feed by clicking the RSS icon.

When reading a blog, simply copy it's URL from your browser address bar (it should read ""). Paste that link in an email you send to a friend or wherever you want to publicize that blog.
To get your blog URL: go to My Account>Preview>Blog. Copy the URL from your browser address bar.

Sitemail (Messages)

Sitemail allows you to communicate privately with any member.
When viewing an image, simply click Sitemail to User under the Tools section to send this member a message. Your message will be visible in the member's inbox (My Account>Messages>Inbox).

You can compose a new message from My Account>Messages. In this case, recepients should be added to your Friends first.


In order to post a testimonial on a member's page, proceed as follows: click on the member's username under File Details, next to one of his photos. Then click Add a Testimonial under the Tools section. Write down a testimonial that will be publicly displayed on the member's page. You can edit or even delete testimonials you posted for others and testimonials that where posted by others for you in My Account>Testimonials.


You can post a review on any image on the site. Click Reviews under the Tools section to post a review about an image. Go to My Account>Testimonials in order to edit or even delete reviews you posted.


When viewing an image, click on the star symbols under File Details in order to rate it.