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How to Sell your Photos

1. Read our Terms of Use and Agreement

You should agree with our Terms of Use and the Contributor Agreement.

2. Sign Up as a seller

Create an account at the Sign Up page. During the signup process make sure you select Seller as your Membership Status.

3. Get acquainted with kosherstock requirements and how to use your Seller Interface.

Read through our Submission Guidelines and our Seller Interface Guide.

4. Submit your images

We provide you with convenient Java and Flash Upload Tools (read the Seller Interface Guide for detailed instructions).
Every image you submit to kosherstock is passed through an approval queue. Approved images are instantly available for sale on our website.

5. Monitor your earnings

Log in to your account and click the My Commission link. Under the Earning tab you can view all the sales related to your images. Which images were sold, when and how much you got for each sale. You earn $0.50US for each credit spent by clients on your images.

6. Ask for payment

  1. Log in to your account and click the My Commission link.
  2. Check your balance amount. If the amount is 50 credits (US Dollars) or more you can request a payment.
  3. Click Settings and enter your PayPal® and/or your MoneyBookers® email address. Click the Change button to save your changes
  4. Click the Contact Form link at the bottom right of the page. Fill-in the contact form. In the Message field let us know:
    • Your username (login name),
    • The amount of credits (US Dollars) you wish to withdraw from your balance (Note: you can not withdraw less than 50 credits),
    • The payment gateway you want the money sent to (PayPal® or MoneyBookers®).

    Payments are issued monthly, on the 10th day of each month.