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Submission Guidelines

You don't need to be a professional photographer or illustrator to contribute to kosherstock. However, your images must meet basic quality standards. If you fail to comply with those standards your images will not pass the inspection process and will be rejected.

Important rules about Copyright

  1. You must be the photographer of the photo or the artist who created the artwork. You cannot upload a retouched image that originated from another source. Contributors that upload images that are not their own will lose any account balance and their account permanently.
  2. Images not intended for Editorial Use cannot contain logos, advertisements, images or graphics that are copyrighted or trademarked. Such images can be sold for Commercial Use if you paint out the copyrighted items.

Images suitable for
We accept images pertaining the Jewish world and the state of Israel: everything related to the Jewish people, culture & religion. We also accept images of Israel as long as they typicaly represent Israel. For example: a photo of a pomegranate is OK because it's a symbolic fruit in judaism, but a photo of a banana is not, even if it's grown in Israel. A photo of a famous spot in Tel Aviv is OK, but a photo of an ordinary building is not, even if located in Jerusalem.

Resolution, color mode and file format
Images should be at least 6 megapixels, that is [pixel width] x [pixel height] should be at least 6 million pixels.
Color mode should be RGB.
File should be saved in JPG format i.e. file extension should be either JPG or JPEG. File should be saved using a compression rate that will not visibly alter image quality (from "Quality 8" to "Quality 12").
Maximum allowed file size is 15 Megabytes.

IPTC Metadata
Using your image editing software, fill in the Title, Description and Keywords fields (in English). In Adobe Photoshop® go to the "File" menu and choose "File Info...". This is not madatory but very highly recommended. If your images have no IPTC information you will have to edit all of them in your member area and enter their title, description and keywords. It's better to embed this information in your images once for all. Once embedded, your IPTC tags will be available in any image cataloging software or other online stock agency you may use in the future.

Common rejection reasons

If one of your images gets rejected it will be able to read the Reason for Rejection in the "My uploads" section of your Account Page.

Remove visible logo or trademark
Images intended for commercial use cannot have visible logos or trademarks on them. In editorial images you can have logos or trademarks. Remove the logo and/or trademark using an image editor and resubmit or resubmit the image for editorial use only.

Should be marked editorial
The image contains items that make it unsuitable for commercial use, but suitable for editorial. Resubmit the image for editorial use only.

Should be marked Commercial
The image is marked editorial, but there is no reason to restrict the sales. Resubmit your image for Commercial Use.

Keywords should be improved
There are too few keywords, they don’t describe the image or they have spelling errors. Correct your keywords and resubmit.

Missing model/property release
If your image has visible faces and it’s marked as Commercial you have to attach a model release. If you take an image of someone's property and it is somewhat special and/or identifiable you need to attach a property release. Resubmit with the needed release attached.

Not suitable for stock
Your image has little or no commercial value for our clients.

Not explicitly related to Judaism or Israel.
Image subject is too general, not enough specific to Judaism or Israel.

Nudity or Sexually explicit image
Even though we may not find your image offensive, if it contains naked people or sexually explicit scenes it will be rejected.

Too many similar images in your portfolio
Do not upload series of similar images. Choose the best one to upload.

Too many on site
There already are too many images similar to yours on our site.

Improve Image Editing
Your image has too little or too much photoshop/image editing. Try to improve it and resubmit.

Too Low Technical Quality
Your image was taken with a camera that provides too low quality.

Technical issues
This includes images that are rejected due to the following reasons: Blurry/unfocused, over/under-exposed, over/under saturated colors, problems with contrast, noise or pixelation, interpolation problem. Or: The image contains a date stamp, signature, borders or the like.

Manipulating the title, description or keywords (e.g. leading the title with: A1, A, AAA,...) so that your image will appear first in search results is something we do not accept. You are not allowed to insert your or anyone else's name, business name or email address in those fields. Any information which is not directly relevant to its content will cause your image to be rejected. Reviews of contributors accounts occur regularly. You may lose any account balance and your account permanently if spamming.