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Entrance of Birkenau concentration camp, under snow

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Published: 07/04/2010
Category: Wars Viewed: 1380 Downloads: 0 Keywords Auschwitz Birkenau Brzezinka Oświęcim concentration camp death deportation holocaust landmark memorial museum nazi nazism poland railroad shoah snow trains winter Description: Auschwitz II-Birkenau was designated by Heinrich Himmler, Germany's Minister of the Interior, as the locus of the "final solution of the Jewish question in Europe". Auschwitz was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. It was the largest of the German concentration camps, consisting of Auschwitz I (the main camp); Auschwitz II-Birkenau (the extermination camp); Auschwitz III-Monowitz, also known as Buna-Monowitz (a labor camp); and 45 satellite camps. Source: