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10 Sephirot, English and Hebrew transliteration

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Published: 03/10/2010
Category: Kabbalah Viewed: 1874 Downloads: 0 Keywords Kabbalah Ten Sephiroth Sefiroth Sephirah 10 Circles Design Illustration jew jewish Mystical Symbol Creation God Hebrew Tree Universe Metaphysical Sefer Yetzirah Keter intellect Chochmah Wisdom Binah Understanding Chesed Kindness Gevurah Severity Tife Description: In the Kabbalah of Judaism, Sephiroth are the ten attributes that God created through which he can manifest not only in the physical but the metaphysical universe. At their fundamental level, the ten Sephiroth are a step-by-step process illuminating the Divine plan as it unfolds itself in our world.