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Orthodox jew transporting roof coverings for the his sukka

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Published: 07/02/2010
Category: Sukkot Viewed: 777 Downloads: 0 Keywords booth carrying checking feast of booths feast of tabernacle feast of tabernacles holy land israel jerusalem judaism load mea shearim middle east orthodox orthodox jew palm leaves preparation religion roof covering s chach sukkot sukkot festival sukka sukkah sukot tabernacle transportation vertical Description: The roof covering of the sukka must consist of something that grew from the earth but is currently disconnected from it. Palm leaves, bamboo sticks, pine branches, wood and the like can all be used for s'chach, unless they were processed previously for a different use.

There must be enough s'chach that inside the sukkah there should be more shade than sun. However, there must be sufficient gaps between the pieces of s'chach so that rain could come through.